Zebra’s MC9400 Mobile Computer: Big New Features and Why You Should Upgrade 

Learn about the many new capabilities that make Zebra’s MC9400 mobile computer the ideal upgrade for better industrial efficiency. 

Introducing the new Zebra MC9300 mobile computer from SK&T Integration and why you should upgrade.

When you’re investing in industrial handheld mobile computers, you want hardware that will give you years of rugged and reliable performance. Ideally, you also want the latest specs, connectivity, and features to help you streamline your workflows. 

This is why Zebra’s MC9000 handheld mobile computers have been the world’s best-selling industrial handhelds for over 20 years, and with the release of Zebra’s new MC9400 ultra-rugged touch mobile computer earlier this year, the platform is now better than ever. 

If you’ve been using Zebra’s previous MC9300 series devices or older hardware, you should definitely take note. The MC9300 has been on the market for five years, and a lot has changed with industrial mobile technology since then. So, now’s a perfect time to take a look at what’s changed and some key reasons why you might want to replace your old devices. 

What’s New with the MC9400 Ultra-Rugged Industrial Handheld 

3x Wi-Fi Speed and 4x Bandwidth and Capacity 

The first major improvement with the ultra-rugged MC9400 industrial handheld mobile computer is its wireless speed and connectivity. The device features the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology, which provides vastly better speed and far more bandwidth, capacity and available spectrum than previous-generation Wi-Fi. 

2.5x More Processing Power and 50% More RAM 

Compared to previous-generation devices, the new MC9400 platform features new Qualcomm octa-core processors that deliver 2.5 times more processing power. You also get 50% more RAM, four times the Flash memory, and eight times the micro SD storage, so your processing, memory and storage can work together to run your apps and handle your data with blazing speed. 

Next-Generation Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity 

The MC9400 series also comes with Bluetooth LE 5.3, which provides higher-quality and more reliable connections while minimizing battery drain with better energy efficiency. It also includes Bluetooth security features to help ensure that your connections are safe. 

5G Private and Public Connectivity 

The MC9400 is also the first gun-style industrial handheld device to offer both private and public 5G wireless data connectivity. Private 5G networks are becoming increasingly popular as companies look to operate and manage their own 5G connectivity without relying on expensive third-party providers and contracts. However, if you still used traditional public 5G networks, you can connect that way as well. 

Push-to-Talk and Secure Texting 

By adding Zerba’s Cloud Connect software to your MC9400 devices, you can access push-to-talk and secure texting for instant real-time communication, plus image and file sharing via individual or group chat.  

Longer-Range Scanning from Over 100 Feet (30.5 m) 

The MC9400 is available with Zebra’s new SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™, which allows you to scan barcodes from close range to over 100 feet or 30.5 meters away. This is substantially farther than any other scanner on the market, and Zebra’s innovative green laser aimer is up to seven times more visible than a typical red aimer dot, so it’s easy to scan items even on the highest warehouse racks. 

OCR Wedge Scanning 

With the new MC9400 platform, you get access to Zebra’s new optical character recognition (OCR) wedge scanning capability. This allows you to capture vehicle identification numbers (VINs), tire identification numbers (TINs), and other alphanumeric data with the simple press of a button. 

Longer Battery Life

With Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ battery technology on board the MC9400 series, you not only get full-shift battery life, even with intensive scanning, but you can change batteries on the fly without losing your mobile app sessions or data. So, you can just swap in a charged battery for continuous 24/7 power. You also get full visibility into real-time battery stats, including battery health, so if you have a battery that’s no longer holding a full charge or ever has an issue, you can quickly identify it. 

More Rugged Durability 

Zebra devices are well-known for their unbeatable cost-saving durability, but the MC9400 takes things to a new level with Corning Gorilla Glass to maximize scratch and shatter resistance for the display and scanner, and it features IP65 and IP68 sealing, so it can be submerged in water and is fully dustproof. Its military-grade drop and tumble specs also mean that you can drop it repeatedly to concrete from up to 12 feet, and it can tumble over 6,000 times and still remain fully operational. 

BLE Battery and Device Tracker for Device Locating

Lost and or misplaced devices can be a huge headache, especially if they power off and you can’t find them through their wireless connection. So, with the MC9400 series, Zebra has introduced new BLE batteries with tags that allow devices to be located and tracked, even if they are turned off or low on power. Zebra’s Mobility DNA Device Tracker provides an easy-to-use app that you can use on another device to quickly and easily find your missing hardware, using its wireless connection or a Geiger-counter-style proximity locator. 

Seven Keypads to Match Your Data Types 

If you have specialized data entry needs, Zebra makes it as easy as possible to match the right keypad to your workflows, providing seven keypad options that you can even swap out and replace when needed. This means you can customize each device for a specific job or workflow and then re-purpose it at a later date. 

Three Models for the Most Challenging Environments 

MC9400 series devices are available in standard, freezer and non-incendive models. The freezer model includes a heated touch panel and scanner exit window, plus a freezer-rated battery. The Class 1 Div 2 non-incendive model is ideal for mobile computing where hazardous materials such as flammable gases and materials are present. The device is specially modified and certified not to cause sparks that can trigger a fire or explosion. 

Why Now is the Ideal Time to Consider an Upgrade 

If you’re running older devices such as Zebra’s previous-generation MC9300 hardware, then you may already be looking at an upgrade, so you can speed up and optimize your workflows with the latest Wi-Fi and processing performance, expanded scanning and communication capabilities, and the latest Android touchscreen ease of use. But a big factor in any upgrade is cost, and this leads to one of the biggest reasons why now is the ideal time to consider replacing your old hardware: 

Up to $400 in Savings with Trade-In Rebates 

For a limited time, you can save up to $400 when you trade-in your current hardware and upgrade to Zebra’s new MC9400. You can get up to $250 per device in prompt rebate savings, plus a $150 bonus if you’re upgrading from a non-Zebra competing product. Whether your trade-in qualifies for $250 or the maximum rebate of $400, it’s a no-brainer to upgrade while these new savings are available. The offer expires on December 31, 2024, so the time is now to be think about your trade in. If you have other Zebra devices that are due for a refresh, check out the GO Zebra Trade In Program for a complete list of rebates available to you.

Learn More and Get Specs and Pricing on the MC9400 Series 

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