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Labels & Printing Supplies

When you choose SK&T Integration, you are getting the white glove treatment especially when it comes to label selection. We have been working in the label industry for over 25 years and are experts at driving down into the details of a project to determine exactly which product is most applicable for you and your needs. There is nearly an unlimited number of options when it comes to media selection. It is because of this that we walk customers through a step-by-step process to determine the exact correct fit for the project in discussion.

You can rest assured that the supplies you rely on to provide critical data to improve your operations will not negatively affect your operational productivity and efficiency when SK&T Integration is involved.

Custom Supplies Portfolio

Label Terms & Categories

Direct Thermal: Direct Thermal technology uses heat to create a chemical reaction in the label, making them perfect for high volume applications in shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, and many more.

Thermal Transfer: Thermal Transfer technology uses a ribbon to transfer an image onto the label material types such as paper and synthetic. These labels are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and support a medium to long-term lifespan.


  • Paper: Paper labels meet the requirements of a variety of applications that do not require durability to chemicals or abrasion.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic labels offer durable, long-lasting print and barcode readability due to their resistance to abrasion, moisture and chemicals.

Additional Print Supplies

Barcode Labels & Tags: This includes paper and synthetic materials for thermal transfer or direct thermal printing.

Hospital Bracelet & Patient ID Wristbands: Includes a wide array of the most durable and easy to use direct-print laser and thermal wristbands for patients crossing all needs such as newborns, RFID wristbands, and alert solutions.

Event Wristbands: Waterproof and disposable wristbands perfect for concerts, amusement parks, water parks, resorts and cruise lines.

RFID Labels: With RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), you are able to quickly capture data via transmission through state of the art microchips and antennae located directly in the printed tags/wristbands.

Ribbons: Options include wax, resin and wax/resin formulations that are perfect for your thermal printing needs.

Receipt Paper: Performance tested receipt paper to give you the highest-quality printing. Choose from a range of paper thickness, top coats, and sizes.

Card Printer Supplies: This covers a myriad of options including on-demand printing of rewards/loyalty cards, identification and access cards, and we offer all of the supporting supplies to make sure your printing solution is consistent and effective.

Our Process

  • Printer Model

    This is where the conversation starts as it helps to narrow down several facets of the label selection process instantly.

  • Resistance needs

    What are the common external contributors that a label will have to endure. Examples include different chemicals, scratch and smudge resistance, etc.

  • Environment Setting

    It is important to determine the setting that the labels will be living in, for example; indoors versus outdoors, temperature, direct light versus dark setting, etc.

  • Surface Needs

    What surface is the label going to be residing on – metal, plastic, rough, curved, etc.

  • Size

    When it comes to the size of the labels, it seems like this might be obvious, but it is more complicated than most imagine. For example, most labels come with options like with or without perforations, slits, fanfold or rolled. All these details are important to know for the ultimate functionality and efficiency of the printer being used.

Specialty Programs & Benefits

Inventory Management System

Blanket order

  • Price protection
  • Pre-scheduled shipments
  • Low minimum requirements

Make & Hold

  • Price protection
  • Flexible shipments & quantities
  • No inventory carrying costs
  • No lead times after the initial run
  • Renewable

Supplies Management

  • Price protection
  • Same-day or next-day shipments
  • No inventory carrying costs
  • No lead times after the initial run
  • Renewable
Sample Program Example

Sample Program

Sample Packs

  • Contain an array of materials
  • Manufacturing, transportation & logistics, retail, healthcare, wristbands

Sample Roll

  • Available in select sizes for most materials
  • Evaluation of adhesive, thickness and durability
  • Ability to print many labels

Strip of Material

  • Evaluation of adhesive, thickness and durability

ZipShip Roll

  • Available in several sizes for our most popular materials
  • Full evaluation to test in application

Pilot Run

  • Exact size & configuration
  • Full evaluation to test in application

Tired of wasting time trying to figure out the right labels? Let us take this painful process off your plate.