Rugged & Industrial Scanners

You can trust our handheld, industrial-grade barcode readers to provide the ultimate durability and reliability. Encased in impact-ready water and dust-proof housings, and specifically built to address common challenges in different vertical markets and environments—outdoors, through wash-downs, and rugged mobile jobs. Whether for close-up, arm-length, or extended-range scanning, choosing the right rugged handheld scanner is essential to getting a great return on your investment and lowering your overall cost of ownership.

LI3608 & LI3678 Rugged Scanners by Zebra
Granit™ XP 1990iSR Rugged Scanner by Honeywell
DS3600SR Rugged Scanner Series by Zebra
Granit™ ZP 1990iXR Rugged Scanner Series by Honeywell
DA3608-DPA Rugged Scanner Series by Zebra
Granit™XP 1280i Rugged Scanner Series by Honeywell
LI3608 by Zebra

LI3608-ER & LI3678-ER Scanners by Zebra

Practically indestructible, the 1D LI3608-ER corded and LI3678-ER cordless scanners are ready for one of the world’s toughest environments — the warehouse. Designed to capture virtually any 1D barcode from as close as 2 in./5.1 cm to as far as 56 ft./17.1 m away, these scanners provide the ultimate in versatility.

Granit XP 1990i by Honeywell

Granit 1990iSR & 1991iSR Scanners by Honeywell

Following a legacy of successful deployments, the next generation Granit™ XP scanners expand capabilities and redefine ultra-rugged scanning. With a best-in-class 10’ drop spec, Granit™ XP is engineered to keep on working after the impact of drops from loading docks, fork trucks, and picking trucks. The 1 meter (3.3 foot) tumble test indicates long term durability with daily knocks and drops from workstation or waist height. A best-in-class 7,000 tumble specification ensures Granit™ scanners will be ready to work for the long term. And IP67 dust and moisture sealing protect scanning performance under harsh treatment.

Granit XP 1990i by Honeywell
DS3600 by Zebra

DS3608-SR & DS3678-SR Series by Zebra

Designed to capture virtually any 1D/2D barcode from near contact to as far as 5 ft./1.5 m away, these scanners are loaded with features that deliver truly unstoppable performance, redefining reliability and management simplicity. The result? The dependable, fast and accurate scanning you need to take the quality of your products and your customer service to the next level. In addition to superior scanning performance, an ultra-rugged design and unparalleled manageability, you get more features that make this scanner easier than ever for your workers to use, including a special mode that simultaneously captures all or specific barcodes on a label with many barcodes.

Granit XP 1990iXR by Honeywell

Granit 1990iXR & 1991iXR Ultra-Rugged eXpanded Range Scanners by Honeywell

Ensure maximum productivity and uptime with Granit™ 1990iXR and 1991iXR expanded range ultra-rugged barcode scanners. Best-in-class durability ensures low TCO. Premium scanning performance ensures even damaged or low quality codes scan quickly. Granit XP expands capabilities and redefines ultra-rugged scanning.

Granit XP 1990iXR by Honeywell
DS3608-DPA by Zebra

DS3608-DPA & DS3678-DPA Scanners by Zebra

As a member of the Zebra 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series of scanners, the practically indestructible DS3608-DPA corded and DS3678-DPA cordless scanners are designed to help industrial manufacturers meet their track and trace requirements with dependable lightning-fast capture of virtually any direct part mark, as well as 1D/2D and wide 1D barcodes common in factory automation use cases.

Granit XP 1280i by Honeywell

Granit 1280i Industrial, Full-Range Scanner by Honeywell

The Granit™ 1280i wired laser scanner goes the distance, reading barcodes out to 16.5 m (54 ft) or as close as 8.9 cm (3.5 in). Built to read virtually all linear barcodes across a wide depth-of-field, the 1280i supports maximum worker productivity with its extended reading range, intuitive and configurable user feedback, and industrial ruggedness. Designed the Granit 1280i laser scanner specifically for applications in which long-distance 1D barcode scanning is expected and super durability in harsh environments is highly valued.

The 1280I scanner gives you aggressive barcode reading and unrivaled accuracy, along with enhanced scanner feedback to maintain productivity in noisy and poorly lit environments. The result is a confidence-building, can-do workflow tool for your business.

Granit XP 1280i by Honeywell

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