Food Traceability

Our traceability solutions offer automated visibility into key metrics so you deliver fresher, higher quality products. Millions of single points of data are critical to know in the food supply chain, requiring access to accurate, real-time information for fast, informed decision-making. SK&T ‘s solutions give you the ability to trace the history and location of food from field to fork across the entire supply chain, including growers, packers, wholesalers, DCs, retailers and all modes of transportation between the locations.

Public health concerns are growing. Food safety legislation is intensifying. Today, it’s crucial that food is tracked across the entire supply chain, from point of harvest to point of sale. An effective traceability system is a foundational element for compliance with current and impending mandates.

Food safety begins with good agricultural practices, including sanitation, employee hygiene, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), water quality, safe pesticide and produce handling post-harvest. Good food chain management relies on the ability to trace back to the field where harvested. Using durable asset tags permanently attached to reusable transportation containers, the containers are traced throughout the entire chain of custody, from point of harvest to processing centers and DCs to the customer at the store.