RFID Capable Printers

SK&T offers an array of RFID capable printers to fit any need. RFID printing is an option within certain models in all of the categories: desktop, industrial, mobile and card-printers.

ZQ510 RFID Printer by Zebra
PCe RFID Printer by Honeywell
ZQ630 RFID Printer by Zebra
PMe RFID Printer by Honeywell
ZT400 Industrial Printer Series by Zebra
PXei RFID Printer by Honeywell
ZT600 RFID Printer by Zebra
ZQ511 & ZQ521 by Zebra

ZQ511 & ZQ521 by Zebra

Add UHF RFID encoding to your on-the-go workforce without sacrificing rugged capabilities. Zebra’s ZQ511 RFID is the only 3-inch RFID mobile printer on the market, and it’s part of the most rugged printer series. With military-grade engineering and enhanced durability, it can withstand the harshest conditions. Put it to the test and push the limits on productivity. Or chose the 4IN. ZQ521 premium UHF RFID Mobile printer. Zebra’s ZQ521 RFID features military-grade engineering and enhanced durability to withstand the harshest conditions. Put it to the test and push the limits on productivity.

PC43 Desktop Printer by Honeywell

PCe Series by Honeywell

PC43t, PC43d and PC23d Desktop Printers are designed to set a new standard in ease of use and flexibility. With one of the broadest feature sets in the desktop printer class, it’s no wonder the PC series is a popular choice for light-duty, desktop labeling tasks.

The PC series offers three configurations:

101.6 mm (4 in) thermal transfer (PC43t)
101.6 mm (4 in) direct thermal (PC43d)
50.8 (2 in) direct thermal (PC23d)
With numerous features typically found in larger, more expensive printers, PC series printers feature a multi-language LCD or icon user interface, user-installable connectivity options and accessories, and speedy label printing.

The PC series was designed by users for quick set-up and trouble-free use. The printer adapts to its environment and fits right in with a variety of placement options, including wall mount and battery power. No need to waste time deciphering blinking LEDs – PC printers come with a color LCD in 10 languages or a universal icon interface for immediate notifications that ensure minimal training and support.

PC43 Desktop Printer by Honeywell

ZQ630 Printer by Zebra

Boost productivity with the ZQ630 RFID’s fast, high-quality printing and state-of-the art features. Color display, easy navigation, instant wake over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, industry leading battery capacity and technology, and now RFID—all packed into one lightweight, durable mobile printer. Reduce errors and RFID label items faster by printing/encoding at the point of application. Ensure workers are always connected with the latest wireless technology. And, give them the maximum battery capacity and smart metrics they need to get the job done—even during the longest shift.

PMe Series RFID Printer by Honeywell

PMe Industrial Series by Honeywell

The PM43/PM43c (101.6 mm/4 in) and PM23c (50.8 mm/2 in) Mid-Range Industrial Printers deliver proven reliability, fast drop-in deployment and integration, and advanced connectivity to maximize your uptime. They’re ideal for applications in distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing operations, and transportation centers.

The PM series was designed for easy integration and fast deployment.

Minimize workforce training and device support needs with intuitive features like a vibrant color touchscreen or intuitive icon user interface. Notifications are displayed right on screen, and the interface can be locked down to eliminate tampering.

And with the broadest connectivity options in their class – including Wi-Fi and Cisco CCX certifications, plus additional Bluetooth® connectivity – PM series quickly interface with virtually any IPv4 or IPv6 network.

PMe Series RFID Printer by Honeywell
ZT411 RFID Printer by Zebra

ZT400 Series by Zebra

Drive productivity with the ZT400 Series RFID. Loaded with advanced features and connectivity options, these printers/encoders accurately and efficiently produce labels for all your mid- to high-volume item-level tracking applications. The ZT411 RFID, available in an on-metal version*, is the only dedicated option for printing and encoding on-metal tags. And, with Zebra’s Print DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools—all powered by Link-OS®—they’re easy to integrate, manage and maintain from any location.

PXei Series RFID Printers by Honeywell

PXei Series by Honeywell

Built for round-the-clock, mission-critical workflows, rugged PX6i and PX4i High-Performance Industrial Printers combine intensive printing with advanced connectivity, ensuring fast results now and a scalable solution long-term.

These smart printers can host standalone applications without a PC, reducing errors and streamlining workflows by directly controlling devices like scanners, scales and applicators. This improves efficiency and decreases infrastructure costs and complexity. Rugged, all-metal PX printers are ideal for rigorous compliance-labeling applications and deliver outstanding performance – up to 228 mm/s (9 ips) from first label to last. A modular design facilitates integration into automated labeling workflows, and industry-standard connectivity options support fast deployment.

PXei Series RFID Printers by Honeywell

ZT600 Series by Zebra

The ZT610 and ZT620 RFID industrial printers are engineered to accurately and efficiently print and encode labels for today’s most advanced item-level tracking applications. Adaptive encoding enables media flexibility and simple RFID calibration, eliminating complex placement guides. An intuitive menu further reduces setup time. Built to deliver outstanding print quality under the most challenging industrial conditions, ZT600 Series RFID printers virtually eliminate operational downtime due to printer failure. Their durable, all-metal designs hold up against extreme temperatures, dust, debris, moisture and worse. High-Quality print mechanisms and internal components deliver superior print quality and speed across the widest range of applications. And, see printer status at a distance to quickly resolve issues with the standard color LCD interface or optional 4.3-inch full-color touch display. Tags are spaced incredibly close together, with a distance (pitch) of 0.6″/16 mm or narrower on most RFID inlays — smaller than what other printer/ encoders can accommodate. By spacing inlays closer, label converters use less material, which reduces your cost per label, requires fewer media roll changes and gives you faster printer/encoder throughout.

RFID printing is tricky. Let us guide you through the selection process.