We are here to help you provide better care for your patients. It’s critical your patients receive the right care, at the right time. Whether you are a healthcare provider working in a hospital or a pharmacist employed by the corner drugstore, today’s healthcare professionals must meet several challenges in their quest to provide safe, quality, and timely patient care. 

Improve Staff Communication and Collaboration Through Mobility

Empower clinicians to provide optimal care with healthcare technology solutions that enable them to instantly connect, collaborate and communicate with colleagues. Healthcare technology devices are designed to enable provider collaboration, simplify workflows and capture pertinent data. Allowing providers to access patient information anywhere—so they have everything they need right at the patient’s side.

The right mobility solution maximizes staff productivity, improves the patient experience, and enhances your ROI. By using mobile technology, nurses and other healthcare providers can now access information quickly from anywhere, relieving some of the administrative burdens they face each and every day. However, more stringent government regulations have increased documentation requirements, placing more of the burden on healthcare providers – especially those working at the point of care.

By activating with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge mobility solutions provided by SK&T and our partners, your healthcare providers and staff can focus on what is at the core of your business – patient care. Enhance your patient care and efficiency by enacting a new mobility strategy for your facility.

Mobile Computer Options

CT40-HC Mobile Computer by Honeywell

Providing the best patient care and highly efficient management requires technology you can trust. Now you can equip your nurses and other staff with a versatile, productivity tool that’s built for healthcare.

  • Security updates for up to 5 years
  • Mobility Edge Enterprise Enabled
  • Rugged, sleek, ergonomic PLUS 12 hours of battery life
  • Honeywell 7th Gen 2D Imager
  • Disinfectant Ready
TC21-HC Mobile Computer by Zebra

Give all your non-clinical healthcare workers the tools they need to work together to deliver the highest quality patient care with the affordable TC21-HC and TC26-HC mobile computers.

  • Best-in-class disinfectant-ready design
  • Large 5 inch advanced HD touchscreen
  • Around-the-clock durability
  • Healthcare alert button for rapid response
  • Around-the-clock power with removable batteries
TC51-HC Mobile Computer by Zebra

The TC51-HC touch computer delivers the highest quality care with everything clinicians want, and everything a hospital needs in a sleek and beautiful mobile computer — that is both smart and rugged.

  • The power to run many simultaneous voice and data applications
  • Highest quality voice for crystal clear voice calls
  • Most sanitizable housing design
  • Most powerful family of ready-to-use voice solutions
  • Secure text messaging
CT60 XP Mobile Computer by Honeywell

CT60 XP is part of the CT60 product family which is the main offering for the touch-only rugged mobile computers in the Honeywell portfolio.

  • Enterprise lifecycle tools
  • Support for 5 Android generations
  • Enterprise-grade device with LTE-Advanced
  • Includes FlexRange – the feature-rich, long range image capture
  • Sleek, lightweight and rugged
TC52-HC Mobile Computer by Zebra

The TC52-HC Android Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC51-HC, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in touch computing for today’s healthcare workers.

  • Highest quality voice for crystal clear voice calls
  • Active Edge™ Touch Zone for one-touch feature access
  • Full shift power your staff can count on – 14+ hours of battery life
  • Disinfectant-ready to withstand frequent cleanings

Data Collection Accuracy with Disinfectant-Ready Scanners

To provide top-of-the-line patient care, data capture technology needs to also be top of the line. With disinfectant-ready scanners that scan in 1D and 2D, it is easier and quicker to access pertinent data in a flash. The scanners offered through SK&T are designed to operate all shift long, work quietly through the night, and withstand anti-bacterial cleaning.

Every department in your healthcare facility has unique medical barcode requirements.  The healthcare handheld scanners in SK&T’s product lineup can help you error-proof tasks such as patient identification during admissions or prior to procedures, every department in your hospital has unique medical barcode requirements. Honeywell healthcare handheld scanners can help you error-proof tasks such as patient identification during admissions or prior to procedures, delivering medication or meals, or during specimen collection. Lab technicians, nurses, and pharmacists can parse data and read labels on surfaces of virtually any size or shape, all with greater accuracy and peace of mind that treatments and medications are given to the correct patient.

Disinfectant-Ready Scanner Options

DS4600 Healthcare Scanner by Zebra

This versatile scanner accurately and easily captures virtually every barcode type found throughout the hospital. Additional features that further boost workflow efficiency and patient care.

  • Durability you need for daily use
  • Flexible modes – including night mode
  • Capture multiple barcodes at once
  • Single out one barcode from many
  • Scan it all with virtually no exceptions
XP 1950 Healthcare Scanner by Honeywell

The Xenon XP 1950 series healthcare scanners incorporate Honeywell’s renowned imaging technology and a high-resolution imager to boast superior scan performance -easily capturing even the most difficult-to-read or damaged codes.

  • Disinfectant-ready plastic housing
  • 1D and 2D scanning performance
  • Multiple patient comfort modes
  • Honeywell Operational Intelligence software
DS8100 Healthcare Scanner by Zebra

The DS8100-HC Series premium handheld medical with unparalleled performance on virtually every barcode in any condition.

  • Maximum protection with “first of its kind” housing
  • Flexible modes – including night mode
  • Green LED aimer is easy on the eyes
  • Scans virtually every barcode in any condition
  • Swappable power options reduce your investment
XP 1950H-BF Healthcare Scanner by Honeywell

The Honeywell Xenon™ Extreme Performance (XP) 1952h-bf area-imaging scanner incorporates the latest in battery-free technology that puts the power of accurate patient care back in the caregiver’s hands.

  • Scan over 490 barcodes without the need for recharging
  • Supercapacitors hold their charge for hours when fully charged
  • Fully charged in under 60 second when a powered USB or external power supply is used
DS9900 Healthcare Scanner by Zebra

Purpose-built for medical labs and pharmacies, the DS9900 Series Hybrid Presentation Imager improves workflow efficiency and accuracy.

  • Rapid-fire scanning
  • Optional RFID model
  • Scan it all with virtually no exceptions
  • 2 scanners in one
  • Read securPharm medications

Consistent and Dependable Printing.

ZD620-HC used in laboratory

Your healthcare facility’s data collection begins with printing – printing labels for patient charts, medication labeling, and specimen collection, printing wristbands for patient identification and tracking, printing identification cards for your staff and visitors. It is imperative that your facility does not get stalled by a printer that is either not designed specifically for the healthcare environment or is out of date.

With newer government protocols and standards for disinfecting, it is important that the devices that support your facility and patient care are able to withstand the harshest of conditions. With the printer lineup offered through SK&T Integration, you will never have to worry about the quality of printing or the durability of your printers. With options for all applications and capacity needs, SK&T has the right healthcare-grade printer your facility needs to continue operating at its highest effectiveness.

ZD620-HC used in laboratory

Healthcare Specific Printers

ZD510 Wristband Printer by Zebra

ZD510-HC Wristband Printing solution combines the reliable ZD510-HC printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands.

  • Easy to deploy
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Compatible with leading ADT systems
  • Fast-loading wristband cartridge – pop it in and print
  • Comprehensive remote management solutions
PC23D Wristband Printer by Honeywell

PC series Desktop Printers are designed to set a new standard in ease of use and flexibility. With one of the broadest feature sets in the desktop printer class.

  • Flexible with user-installable connectivity
  • 10 language LCD or intuitive icon graphical user interface
  • Simple to use and maintain includes one-handed media reloading
  • Comprehensive printer command language support
  • Runs apps right inside the printer for added efficiency and performance
ZD420 Healthcare Printer by Zebra

The ZD420 Healthcare comes with all the features included with the standard ZD420, plus disinfectant-ready plastics and a sealed button interface that make it easy to clean and disinfect.

  • LED icons take the guesswork out of printer status
  • Backward compatibility with virtually any existing printer
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Movable sensor for comprehensive media compatibility
RP2 & RP4 Healthcare Printers by Honeywell

Ultra-rugged and reliable mobile printer that withstands drops and exposure to dust and water, and is designed for all-day printing with a full-shift battery life.

  • Ultra-rugged: survives up to 6.6 ft. drops and 1.6 ft. tumbles
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • High-discharge current lithium-ion cell battery
  • Analytics to help manage, track, and optimize printer assets
  • The printer provides superior media capacity
ZD620 Healthcare Printer by Zebra

The ZD620-HC rises above conventional desktop printers with premium print quality and state-of-the-art features. Available in both direct thermal and thermal transfer models, the ZD620-HC is designed specifically for healthcare with disinfectant-ready plastics,

  • Configuration in a snap
  • Backward compatibility with virtually any existing printer
  • Thermal transfer or direct thermal
  • 5 status icons, 3 button user interface
  • OpenACCESS™ for easy media loading

Positive Patient Identification & Asset Tracking

To reduce medical errors, you need to ensure patients are connected to the right care at the right time, every time. There are several steps along the path of patient identification that include positive patient identification, specimen collection, Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA), laboratory management, pharmacy management, hospital bracelet, and patient ID barcode wristbands.

  • Positive Patient Identification

    From admission to discharge, prevent identity mistakes and reduce medical errors with patient identity management

  • Specimen Collection

    Identify, track and manage all specimens to improve patient safety.

  • Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA)

    Medication scanning and matching reduces human error and ensures accurate administration.

  • Laboratory Management

    Label and positively identify every sample for efficient tracking and optimized patient safety.

  • Pharmacy Management

    Connect your pharmacy to control all phases of the medication management process – from inventory to accurate dispensing and compliance.

  • Hospital Bracelet & Patient ID Barcode Wristbands

    The portfolio of hospital bracelets and patient id barcode wristbands offered by SK&T include a wide range of the most durable and easy to use direct-print laser and thermal wristbands.

Compliance in Anesthesiology & Pharmacy

In hospitals, the process of preparing patient medication in the pharmacy has been optimized. However, when medications are prepared at the point of care (for example due to emergencies or operations), critical steps are missed and/or ignored. The results are sometimes fatal.

Vigilant Software is focused on streamlining the processes associated with preparing, administering, and documenting drugs that are drawn on-demand at the point of care. Our software automates several steps involved when hospital staff administers drugs drawn at point-of-care in areas such as the operating room, post-operative care, intensive care, and the emergency room. Vigilant’s patented solutions help hospitals capture significant lost revenues, increase patient safety and slash hospital compliance risk.

Why Vigilant is different.

  • Focused on the patient’s safety

  • Developed by doctors and medical professionals

  • Keeping our offering inline with the overarching hospital initiatives