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SK&T partners with the leading data collection manufacturers in the world. We offer state-of-the-art technology to support a large variety of in-premise and in-field applications within healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, logistics and food traceability. SK&T offers the industry’s broadest line of WiFi Certified™ products in a variety of form factors including handheld, keypad, pen notepad, fixed mount, vehicle mount and tablet designs.

SK&T is a leading provider of labels, receipt paper, tags and thermal transfer ribbons for the most basic to the most demanding applications. We specialize in both paper and synthetic labels for use with direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. Also, we offer complete color pre-printing services for all custom products including art, design and production.



With SK&T’s extensive portfolio of barcode and RFID printing technologies, produce labels, receipts, documents or cards on-demand to give your assets, people and transactions a virtual voice—so you can see events happening in your value chain in real-time. You gain not only smarter ways to track and manage assets, but insights for bringing innovation into your organization and out to your customers.

Custom Supplies Portfolio

Labels, Wristbands & Additional Printing Supplies

SK&T is a leading provider of labels, receipt paper, tags and thermal transfer ribbons for the most basic to the most demanding applications.  We specialize in both paper and synthetic labels for use with direct thermal and thermal transfer printers and complete color pre-printing services for all custom products including art, design and production.

With 25 years in the business, our technical expertise enables us to deliver barcode printing supplies that optimize printer performance and lower the total cost of ownership. We ship the highest quality barcode printer supplies available and are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, before, during and after the sale.

Depending on the application, we can recommend an option from a vast array of stock and specialty labels, wristbands, receipt paper, tags, RFID labels, card ID badges, and thermal transfer ribbons to provide the right solution for your needs. SK&T can provide a solution for virtually any application.


SK&T’s general duty scanners are designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering simple, reliable and affordable scanning for day-to-day operations. Easy to use, no setup or training is required and they allow you to track inventory and assets.

SK&T’s rugged series scanners are designed to withstand the harshest realities – temperature variances, drops, dust and weather. Our industrial scanners feature tethered and cordless scan technology in 1D linear imaging, 2D area imaging, and laser scanner configurations.

SK&T offers a lineup of Healthcare scanners as well. When it comes to the healthcare industry, there is a more stringent list of requirements in regards to the equipment that our front-line workers use in the midst of the patients. The healthcare scanners are disinfectant ready (DRH) and use a specially adapted plastic that is less porous than average to avoid bacteria and contaminants finding refuge within the internal workings of these devices. We have the full spectrum of healthcare scanners for you to choose from depending on what your needs require.

Mobile Computers

To succeed in today’s digitally connected business world, you need to give your workers the right tools to complete their unique work tasks faster, smarter and better. SK&T partners with the leading manufacturers of mobile computers that enable your staff to increase efficiency and help them raise their performance.

We offer a range of mobile computer design forms to equip your workers for all use cases— warehousing and distribution center work, healthcare, and field operations. Product lines include everything from handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers.

The minutes that can be saved per worker, per shift add up quickly and can amount to a great deal of savings when you consider scaling these operations. The ROI on these devices is quickly recuperated through savings and added efficiency.

Print & Apply

Print & Apply

Consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, medical devices, logistics, retail and shipping/receiving are all industries and applications where automation can be applied. Building a system surrounding the current production structure of your base product is imperative to maintaining the highest quality of delivered good. By adding “print ‘n apply” labeling systems, you are able to ensure your end customer the highest quality of experience beginning with the accuracy of the shipment and arrival time and continuing through to the opening of the package. Automation not only reduces costs and creates extra efficiency by eliminating human error, but it also adds an enhanced vision of your operation and highlights the pain points where operational steps can be improved and even sometimes where there is a need in an adjoining field.

SK&T can aid your operation in building out an automated labeling system that is custom to your needs and your product. Let us add efficiency to your operation through well orchestrated “print ‘n apply” systems.

Print & Apply
Mobile Powered Workstation

Mobile Powered Workstations

Easily & quickly integrated into your current processes, mobile workstations impact productivity immediately. Replacing stationary desks will significantly increase efficiency by eliminating costly footsteps, reducing worker fatigue, improving labeling accuracy, and ensuring access to real-time data anywhere.

With a wide variety of mobile workstation offerings and accessories available, there is undoubtedly a perfect fit for your operation that will increase efficiency and remove redundant steps from your operations. By implementing a mobile workstation you can:

  • Reduce Overtime by 75%
  • Increase Receiving Volume
  • Reduce Labeling Errors by 90%
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Increase Picking Rates
Software Connectivity

Software & Tools

Today’s market is flooded with software packages, making it difficult to evaluate and choose the ideal one for your business application. SK&T has done that work for you by handpicking only the top performing, value-added solutions for our clients. Additionally, we offer custom software development to fit those situations where “off-the-shelf” solutions fall short.

Software Connectivity

Let us identify, track and manage your assets, transactions and people through hardware, media and software solutions.