The Companion You Never Knew You Needed

Companion scanners are useful in a variety of applications. These small, versatile, handheld scanners fit immediately into nearly any workflow. These companion scanners pair well with tablet-based scanning operations when you are looking for quick and agile scanning operations. Some examples of the best use cases are:


  • Mobile point of sale
  • Inventory management
  • Merchandising
  • In-store customer engagement


  • Concession stands
  • Ticket processing
  • Point of sale Transportation & Logistics:
  • Route accounting
  • BOL Scanning

Light Manufacturing:

  • Shipping labels
  • Asset tracking

Inventory Management:


  • Positive patient identification
  • Medication administration
  • Inventory management
  • Pharmacy
  • Electronic medical record access
  • Specimen collection
  • Phlebotomy

Here is a quick run-down on the companion scanners SK&T Integration offers through our partners Honeywell and Zebra that focus on retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and inventory management.

Honeywell – Voyager 1602g Pocket Scanner

Honeywell’s Voyager 1602g pocket scanner packs high-performance barcode scanning technology into an elegant and pocketable form factor—making it the perfect tablet scanning companion. Designed to complement the clean look of consumerized devices while comfortably moving with the mobile worker, 1602g is ideal for tablet-based fixed point-of-sale, mobile point-of-sale, inventory management, backroom/stockroom, in-store customer engagement and even non-retail scanning applications such as salesforce automation. Despite its small size, this pocket scanner incorporates the same high-performance scan engine found in our full-size handheld scanners. The Voyager 1602g is capable of scanning virtually all 1D and 2D bar codes—even poor quality, damaged, or low contrast codes. It is even possible to read bar codes right off customers’ mobile phone screens, preparing organizations for the fast-growing trend of mobile coupons, digital loyalty programs, and other revenue-generating mobile marketing initiatives.

Main Features:

  • 1D & 2D Barcode scanning
  • Capable of reading barcodes off smartphone screens
  • Bluetooth wireless technology with a range capable of 33 ft
  • Battery rated for 2250 scans or 12 hours

To read the full specifications CLICK HERE

CS60 Series Companion Scanner

The CS60 Series Companion Scanner, featuring a groundbreaking design that easily converts between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free, as your needs change. As a cordless scanner, the CS60 is small enough to tuck in a pocket and offers the latest mobile technology including contactless charging. As a corded scanner, the CS60 offers compact scanning for the checkout counter, self-service kiosk and more. Whether you purchase a corded or cordless model up front, you can change modes at any time for superior investment protection. And you get Zebra’s industry-leading scanning performance and our unique DataCapture DNA and industry-preferred management tools that make it easier than ever to integrate, deploy and manage your scanners.

Add the optional presentation stand to a corded scanner to automatically switch between hands-free and handheld modes. This unparalleled versatility minimizes investment risk as it’s easy to meet new workflow needs or redeploy CS60 scanners to a different application.

Main Features:

  • Convertible design adapts to multiple workflows
  • Effortless multi-tasking with second programmable button
  • Virtual tether minimizes shift interruptions
  • Qi inductive charging
  • Full shift power
  • Quick NFC tap-to-pair

To read the full specification sheet CLICK HERE


Zebra –  CS60-HC Series Healthcare Companion Scanner

The ultra-versatile CS60-HC Series healthcare companion scanner adapts to any clinician workflow. Its groundbreaking design easily converts between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free, as needs change. Whether purchased as a corded or cordless model upfront, the C60-HC allows users to change modes at any time for superior investment protection. Simply swap the battery and corded USB converter and the CS60-HC is ready for a new workflow. Special plastics, IP65 sealing, and seamless crevice-free construction allow for safe wipe-downs with a wide selection of aggressive disinfectants used in today’s hospitals. With a high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, the CS60-HC easily and accurately captures the many kinds of barcodes commonly used in hospitals, including barcodes on patient wristbands, medication vials, IV bags, and specimen trays. A second programmable button lets users seamlessly toggle between two host applications. Also, Zebra’s unrivaled tools make staging and everyday management easier than ever.

Main Features:

  • Convertible design adapts to multiple clinical workflows
  • A purpose-built housing stands up to constant disinfecting
  • Built-in light doubles as a workstation lamp
  • NICU safe special LED aimer
  • Effortless multitasking with second programmable button
  • Virtual tether minimizes interruptions & increases time with patients

To read the full specification sheet CLICK HERE

These compact, powerful machines are ready to go. Increase your organization’s efficiency without having to carry around full-spec scanners at all time. Integration of these companion scanners is simple and quick.

If your organization is in need of scanners of any size or capability, please contact SK&T Integration today so our staff can develop a plan to fit your organizations needs.