Björn’s Colorado Honey

An SK&T Integration Customer Success Story

Can you describe how the relationship has gone? Any highlights? Or even things we could work on?
We love working with SK&T and really enjoy having Kelly and Andrea as our points of contact. They are so kind and fast and always fun to work with. We’re grateful to have the extra help when making orders. It’s great to know Kelly keeps an eye on pricing, color, etc to ensure we get what we need at a good price. It’s great how Kelly and Andrea can rush order for me, too, on occasions when we need labels faster than expected. We love you guys!
Can you recall the general time frame that your relationship with SK&T began?
April 2016

How long have you been in business?
Since spring 2013
How did we help?
SK&T provides custom labels for the Björn’s Colorado Honey product line. They design and print for us making it a seamless process.

Tell us about your business?
Björn’s Colorado Honey offers local Colorado honey, CBD honey, and skincare, bee-pollen plus European-made bee-based skincare featuring beeswax, honey, and propolis.
We are small-batch, local, honey producers based in Boulder. Pontus, our beekeeper, grew up in Sweden and learned the practice from his grandfather Björn; the company namesake.

What is your main specialty?
Our main specialty is honey! We offer many types of honey, but our three mainstays are our Traditional, Whipped, and Propolis. All three types are made from Colorado, front range wildflower, and clover honey. The Propolis Honey is our most popular product. By blending Colorado honey with high-quality propolis extract we boost honey’s health benefits. Propolis, an age-old remedy made by the bees from tree and plant resins, is known to bolster the immune system and contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. We also have a selection of seasonal products including Untouched Honey, Honeycomb in boxes, and an organic Lavender Infused Honey in the summer plus holiday honey like Cinnamon, Saffron, and Whiskey Barrel Aged.

Additional lines of business you’d like to highlight?
We have also recently developed a line of Hemp (CBD) Honey. By blending our raw whipped honey with USDA-certified organically grown full spectrum hemp extract from the Colorado eastern plains we have created a Hemp (CBD) Honey that’s delicious in taste and rich in cannabinoids but is non-psychoactive because it contains no THC. Because of the success of our Hemp Honey, we have also started to sell Hemp Extract, Salve, and Capsules.

We also sell bee-based skincare. The products leverage the wonders of honeybees from beeswax to propolis and of course, honey.

We love being Colorado beekeepers and pride ourselves in our handcrafted honey and bee-based products!

Are there any unique attributes or specials of your business that you’d like us to highlight? Examples could include specials (holiday or otherwise), unique products and/or hugely popular products/services.

Right now, on Björn’s website, if you spend $100 or more you’ll receive a free jar of Propolis honey! Björn’s Double Propolis is a potent immune booster meant for those who eat honey to stay healthy and combat colds or allergies. Propolis is known for its remarkable abilities to assist in the fight against viruses, bacteria, microbes, and fungus.

What motivated your start in the field of business you reside in?

Pontus is a 3rd generation beekeeper from Sweden. His grandparents and parents are still beekeepers in there and he always thought he’d run that business as an adult. When he met me, his wife, as a young adult, he realized if he wanted to live in the States he’d better get some beehives and get going on building a honey business here in Colorado. The rest is history!

Can you describe a milestone, goal, or “a-ha” moment that you’ve reached in your business?

Pontus, our beekeeper, has worked hard over the last seven years to build up hive yards on private land and organic farms in the Boulder County and Denver area. We now have twelve hive yards in Boulder County and two in Denver (one in Cherry Hills and one in Southeast Denver). These hive yards contain over one hundred and thirty colonies and allow us to source honey from the Boulder/Denver metro area, which is important to customers looking for truly local honey.

Supporting local beekeeping helps support area farmers, open space, and ecosystems. It’s also healthy for customers to eat local honey: anecdotal evidence shows that eating local honey can help fight seasonal allergies. Plus it’s a sweet and delicious treat!