Kathy Lawson

Honeywell 2021 Legend of the Industry

We are thrilled to announce that SK&T President and Founder, Kathy Lawson, has been recognized by a global leader in the automated information and data capture (AIDC) industry, Honeywell, as a 2021 Legend of the Industry.

Last week, over 500 Honeywell partners and employees gathered in Phoenix, Arizona at the annual Honeywell Productivity and Safety Solutions Partner Conference. A week filled with networking, hearing from guest speakers, learning what’s to come, and celebrating the previous year was wrapped up by a final night of recognition awards.

Our team gathered and cheered on recipients of many awards that night. As the 2021 Legends of the Industry award came around, we were shocked (though not surprised) as our CEO, Kathy, was announced as 1 of 5 recipients of this prestigious award. This recognition honors members of the industry who have been longstanding contributors to the AIDC industry.

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We asked Kathy what this award means to her,

“I feel very honored and very humbled. More than anything, this award is attributed to my passion for the industry and my no-quit attitude. Honeywell does not just give out awards lightly, so for me, this was a highlight of my career. If I never receive another award, I’ll be happy. But moving forward, I am striving to be a leader in health care, and will be looking for avenues for SK&T to be a top partner for health care solutions.”

Kathy’s Journey

Kathy has been working in the AIDC industry for over 30 years. In January of 1997, over 25 years ago, after a layoff in this industry she loves so much, she decided to branch out on her own. Her blossoming love of labels and perhaps her newfound nickname as the Wonder Woman of Labels sparked an idea: to launch her own company. With only $300 in her checking account and an abundance of true grit, Kathy founded SK&T with her husband, Steve. She knew the hard work and tenacity needed, having been a single mom for 5 years, and applied those bootstrapping skills to grow her new company from the ground up.

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Kathy’s passion for the work and her customers ensures that people are always treated to an exceptional service experience every time. Kathy’s devotion to her customers is unparalleled. Each day she works hard to solve their problems while serving their needs in a personalized way. It’s because of this dedication and care that SK&T’s customer base has been loyal to this woman-owned company for decades.

This award comes as no surprise to Kathy’s employees, partners, and customers. It’s one thing to be recognized for growth year over year, but it is another to be recognized for decades of influence in a booming, global industry. Kathy is a testament to what you can achieve when you commit to hard work, integrity, and true grit.