MedSafety Solutions

An SK&T Integration Customer Success Story

Learn more about how MedSafety Solutions came to be…

What products or services had SK&T helped you with?
MedSafety came to SK&T in 2016 looking for Zebra printers, and the conversation quickly expanded into label supplies. Our first project included labels for their KwikVial™ Products, where we had to recreate and nail down both art layout and material specifications to solidify consistent results for ongoing supply. That was a welcome challenge and a rewarding one, as we’ve continued to supply that product line to this day along with numerous other thermal printing supplies, industrial and desktop printers, as well as printer service and support. Richard and all the folks at MedSafety have been a pleasure to work with every step along the way.
How long have you been in business?
5 years

Tell us about your business?
MedSafety Solutions provides products for critical care pharmacy for the safe and efficient handling, preparation and administration of Oral and IV Medications.

What is your core offering or star product?
Our flagship product is our TwoFer Needle products. These needles are the gold standard in global critical care pharmacy for the reconstitution and preparation of IV medications.

Additional lines of business you’d like to highlight?
We just launched a new Sterile Female Luer Lock Cap. While this type of cap is not new in critical care pharmacy, we feel that we are uniquely positioned to partner with our end customers to improve reliability of supply as well as provide cost advantages.

Can you describe a milestone, goal, or “a-ha” moment that you’ve reached in your business?

We are regulated by the FDA and adhering to the regulations takes discipline, knowledge, and a cultural mindset. Many medical device companies find themselves in hot water with the FDA. We had our very first FDA inspection in December of 2018 and we received ZERO non-conformance observations. This was truly a fantastic accomplishment by the team.