Small healthcare facilities like ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and clinics have most of the same technology needs as large hospitals, just on a smaller scale. Workflows such as admitting and identifying patients, accessing and updating health records, collecting samples, and dispensing medications are common at every level of the healthcare industry.

When it comes to technology, the big difference between large organizations like hospitals and smaller facilities like ASCs isn’t really the technology, it’s the resources that are available to manage that technology. The limited IT and administrative resources available in smaller facilities puts a huge premium on solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to manage.

One way to minimize technology challenges and make the most of available IT resources in smaller healthcare facilities is to look for a partner and supplier that can cover all the bases. Using products that share a common ecosystem can smooth out the bumps in everything from training to security updates and make it much easier to enable staff collaboration. That’s why SK&T works so closely with Zebra: we know that Zebra offers end-to-end technology solutions that are purpose-built to stand up to the rigors of busy healthcare environments of any size

Here’s a quick outline of some of the key use cases Zebra products can help you address.

Positive Patient Identification:
Zebra’s patient identification solutions allow you to access and confirm essential patient information from admission to discharge. In fact, patient identification is a perfect example of the way Zebra’s solutions tie everything together, from wristbands and printers, to barcode scanners and mobile computers. The net result is a comprehensive patient identification solution that enhances patient safety, improves clinical workflows, and reduces costs.

Streamline Scanning:
Zebra offers the industries most complete lineup of data capture devices that re purpose-built for healthcare applications. From fixed and handheld scanners to mobile computers and rugged tablets that offer advance scanning capabilities, Zebra has a scanning solution that’s a perfect fit at the admissions desk, in operating rooms, at the patient’s bedside, in the lab, or in the pharmacy.

Flawless Specimen Collection:
Mislabeled specimens risk patient safety and can result in misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment. With Zebra’s solutions, healthcare workers can print labels right at the point of care and perform a three-point check that confirms the links between specimen collection order, the patient wristband, and the labeled container. The key is the seamless operation that results when you combine Zebra’s mobile or desktop printers with mobile computers that share a common ecosystem—it’s just easier to use tools that are designed to work together.

Accurate Medication Administration:
Zebra devices give you the ability to scan a patient’s wristband and medication for instant verification the patient is receiving the right medication and the right time, every time. The scanners are fast, easy to use, and ultra-reliable even when scanning barcodes that are damaged or obscured, making it possible to spot errors before medication is administered.

Increase Pharmacy Efficiency:
Zebra printers, scanners and mobile devices help streamline paperwork and eliminate manual processes to save time and money in the pharmacy. There are compact printer models that are designed to fit into even the most crowded pharmacy workstations and at the point of sale, making it fast and convenient to print labels and receipts. And hands-free barcode scanners can quickly verify accuracy to reduce the possibility of human error.

To learn more about Zebra’s printers, barcode scanners, and mobile computers for small healthcare facilities, contact the experts at SK&T. Download this white paper to learn more about ASC and Zebra products.

SK&T is a family-owned business. When you work with us, you become part of the family. Our top priority will be to create an innovative solution that that will help you save money while also improving the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

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