At SK&T, we have over 20 years of experience with clients across almost every vertical. Over the past few decades, we’ve refined and optimized our approach to helping clients improve supply chain operations. The result is a unique total solution plan that we now use with clients in any industry. In this post, we’ll outline our approach and how it benefits clients and their end customers.

Our Unique Approach

First, we take a deep-dive into your operations. We will identify what supplies and media you need to keep and what materials you need to invest in. Once we’ve determined what your needs are, we develop a comprehensive, total solution that identifies, tracks, and manages your assets and transactions.

As a result of our unique approach, our clients see reduced costs, higher return on initial investment, and improved efficiency.

Identifying Your Needs

Because our client base is so diverse, we have expertise in a variety of verticals. Using our in-depth knowledge of operations and best practices in manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, retail, and more industries inform the recommendations we will make for your business’s unique operations.

We’ll also take into account the future of devices while determining your needs. Our GO Zebra trade-in program allows us to get you back up to $650 per device that you swap for a Zebra product. This incentive alone has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

Most of our recommendations will revolve around areas for improvement and innovation, smarter ways to track and manage assets and supplies, and industry-specific data on how your competitors are utilizing their supply chains for maximum efficiency. Additionally, these recommendations often include specific devices to look into for your specific needs, like the Zebra ZT610 Industrial Printer for your warehouse, Zebra’s DS4308-HC barcode scanner for clinics and hospitals, and the Zebra RFD2000 UHF RFID for retailers.

Developing a Total Solution for You

We are a leading provider of receipt paper, labels, tags, and thermal transfer ribbons. We also know about the best of the best in scanners, mobile printers, RFID tags and readers, and much more.

We’ve provided these supplies and devices in collaboration with Zebra Technologies, the industry leader in scanning and data capture devices. Whether your need is basic or incredibly complex and demanding, we like to ensure that the new set-up we recommend will help you see events happening in your value chain in real time. That way, you can continue to optimize your supply chain—from inventory, employee shift schedules, and warehouse relationships to return and shipping efficiency, ordering regulation, and assembly line production.

The devices we recommend will be durable, reliable, cost-effective, and flexible in nearly any situation. If you need more rugged devices, we’ll take that into account, too. And you don’t have to worry if your current devices are specialized; we’ll scour all of our partners’ product offerings until we find the best device for you.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

After implementing our recommendations, our clients typically see higher worker productivity, lower error rates, and less down-time and label waste.

When most clients come to us, we find they last upgraded their technology years ago. Avoid their mistake: don’t let slow or non-updated software affect your bottom line. Upgrading your technology can seem expensive at first, but think about how technology fits into your business’s future. If you anticipate needing specific features or capabilities, try to incorporate a plan for these updates into your new fleet of devices.

Take this opportunity to consult us about the best options for your operations. We promise you’ll be happy to hear about how much money you can save, even with the initial investment required. Contact SK&T today, and let’s start improving your supply chain operations together!