Hospital ScannersSK&T has all the tools necessary to help you control inventory and obsolescence while ensuring that proper supplies are always on hand and easily accessible by clinical staff. Utilizing our barcode scanning and automation solutions enables your hospital to reduce inventory costs, improve revenue capture, increase availability, and automate your replenishment process. SK&T provides reliable, flexible and quality technology solutions to improve efficiency, information access and labeling accuracy so that healthcare professionals can keep their focus where it belongs– on the patients and providing quality care.

Whether you are a healthcare provider working in a hospital or a pharmacist employed by the corner drugstore, today’s healthcare professionals’ must meet a number of challenges in their quest to provide safe, quality and timely patient care. As increasing number of healthcare professionals provide services in more than one location—perhaps working in multiple hospitals or participating in home care programs—real-time access to patient information, insurance or clinical data has become critical to the level of healthcare they are able to provide.

Pharmacists, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors must be able to accurately identify, package and label medications in a market where new drugs are being introduced every day. Hospitals and other medical facilities need to track medications, patients, and lab results with extreme accuracy, as well as ensure an adequate inventory of supplies is kept on hand for timely treatment.

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