• Harvest Your ROI

    Harvest Your ROI

    Food traceability systems enable end-to-end supply chain visibility, so that public exposure to unsafe food can be quickly identified and limited through all affected routes to market. An effective system also minimizes the negative impacts of food recalls.

  • Accuracy is critical in the Medical Industry

    Accuracy is critical in the Medical Industry

    Today's healthcare professionals must meet a number of challenges in their quest to provide safe, quality and timely patient care. SK&T provides reliable, flexible and quality technology solutions to improve efficiency, information access and labeling accuracy so that healthcare professionals can keep their focus where it belongs– on the patients and providing quality care.

  • Manufacturing Solutions

    Manufacturing Solutions

    Whether tracking products on the line or through supply chains, managing inventory in one or multiple locations, serving ten or a thousand customers– SK&T’s mobile/wireless, printing, software, and RFID systems can help increase operational efficiencies and lower costs.

  • Who we are is why we’re committed.

    Who we are is why we’re committed.

    SK&T seeks every opportunity to serve as a knowledgeable, valued partner in supplying our clients with impact-producing solutions and a high return on investment. Not just a box pusher, we go above and beyond in our commitment to support everything we sell. We thrive on providing the best possible experience for our customers, knowing our products and services will leave you satisfied.

  • Distribution & Logistics

    Distribution & Logistics

    Keeping track of goods through the entire distribution process is essential to control costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • It all starts with a label.

    It all starts with a label.

    SK&T offers labels for every application in a wide variety of media to support different printing technologies. We help to select the best option for your solution, whether paper or synthetic, direct-thermal or thermal-transfer printing.

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