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Let’s Talk Security & Your Network Devices

Some striking statistics from the IBM/Ponemon Institute “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020”. $3.86 Million – Average Total Cost to recover from a breach. $7.13 Million = Healthcare’s Average Total Cost per Attack – Highest industry cost 280 days – Average time to identify and contain   Nearly 28% of the data breaches in […]

The Companion You Never Knew You Needed

Companion scanners are useful in a variety of applications. These small, versatile, handheld scanners fit immediately into nearly any workflow. These companion scanners pair well with tablet-based scanning operations when you are looking for quick and agile scanning operations. Some examples of the best use cases are: Retail: Mobile point of sale Inventory management Merchandising […]


2021 Budgeting Season is Here!

Are you budgeting for 2021? Not the most exhilarating activity when it comes to running your facility, but it is an essential part of maintaining profitability. Whether you run a healthcare clinic, large IDN, manufacturing facility, energy company/installation, or you run a utility company, it’s a necessary task that sets you up well for the […]


Vigilant Solutions – A Case Study

Read the full article on at ASAMonitor.org In late 2012, an outbreak of fungal meningitis linked to contaminated epidural steroids led to 753 infections and 64 deaths (asamonitor.pub/3ez66BW). Congressional inquiries identified a slow FDA response and limited congressional intervention due to political and jurisdictional issues. Congress passed the Drug Quality and Security Act (asamonitor.pub/3gW3sYo) in […]

How to Disinfect and Protect Your Zebra Mobile Devices During COVID-19

To minimize the spread of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not just important to wash our hands, avoid touching our face, and maintain social distancing. It’s also critical to disinfect and clean our mobile devices regularly, especially in the healthcare industry and in enterprise businesses that are providing essential services. The same will apply to businesses […]

How Ambulatory Surgery Centers Can Save Costs and Ensure Patient Safety with Positive Patient Identification

This year ambulatory surgery centers are taking a massive hit from COVID-19 shutdowns and cancellations of all elective surgeries. Under normal circumstances, surgery centers have a tough enough time providing high-quality care and surgical procedures while keeping costs under control. But the financial reality has been turned upside down this year, and ambulatory surgery centers […]