When to upgrade mobile computers…5 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Mobile Computers

Technology evolves at a remarkable rate, with an endless stream of new features that enhance performance, ease-of-use, and reliability. This holds true for everything from barcode scanners and desktop printers to mobile computers and tablets.

If you’ve been relying on the same mobile computers for many years, it’s natural to wonder if an upgrade might make sense. So, here’s a quick look at five reasons to upgrade your mobile computers.

1. When it’s broken.
Let’s start with an easy one: Being stuck in a break/fix cycle is an obvious indicator that you should upgrading your mobile computers. It’s impossible to plan workflows around disabled mobile devices, and the downtime and lost productivity alone are probably impacting your bottom line. So, when the ongoing cost to repair and support devices that are nearing their end of service begins to add up and unreliability impacts operations, it’s time to upgrade.

2. End of Microsoft OS support.
This is another easy one: Microsoft ended support for most Windows Embedded handheld devices more than a year ago. And, while its tempting to try to wring the last ounce of productivity out of obsolete devices, it’s the equivalent of flying blind, because these devices won’t receive any further bug fixes or security updates. That poses a real threat to the security of your networks and data. Don’t run unnecessary security risks: upgrading to new Android mobile computers will protect your systems for many years.

3. Your devices are holding back your operations.
This is pretty general advice that usually falls into the “you’ll know it when you see it” category. Maybe battery performance can’t keep up with the demands of a full shift. Maybe you can’t get the accessories you need to support new workflows. Perhaps your existing mobile computers are just too slooooow. There are a lot of potential symptoms, but if you suspect your devices are hurting productivity or limiting your options, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

4. You’ve been using consumer-grade devices.
Congratulations, you’ve dodged a bullet. There’s a big difference between consumer-grade devices that are designed to be obsolete in 18 to 24 months and enterprise mobile computers that are engineered to deliver up to a decade of reliable service. So, quit running unnecessary risks and upgrade to enterprise mobile computers that are more durable, more reliable, and have a much longer service life than consumer products. Your IT department will thank you because enterprise devices are much easier to manage and support. Your CFO will thank you, too, because enterprise mobile computers will generate a much better ROI over the long run.

5. You need better security in your devices.
When you consider network and data security, you should think beyond the data that resides on mobile devices and consider every mobile computer as a possible tool for hackers. An old, outmoded device is much less likely to be capable of fending off a modern-day attack and vulnerabilities could allow it to be used as a gateway to breach your network and servers. Upgrading to new mobile computers will bring your security tools inline with the latest standards and get your devices into a regular cycle of updates that will do a much better job of protecting your data and systems.

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