About Us

About Us:

About Us

Our Approach:

Founded in 1997 by Kathy Lawson, SK&T is one of the largest bar code system integration firms in the Rocky Mountain region. We pride ourselves in taking a unique approach when helping customers navigate their operational challenges. We believe that the most important aspect in improving supply chain operations is to FIRST determine the best media or supplies that are needed. Once supplies are determined then we develop a total solution for our customers that will identify track and manage their assets and transactions. This comprehensive plan will result in reduced costs and improved efficiencies.

Our Customers:

Our diverse customer base includes organizations with both regional and global operations spanning multiple industries such as Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Government/Public Safety, Retail and Route Accounting. Through our superior technological support and business expertise, our customers gain not only smarter ways to track and manage their assets, but insights for bringing innovation into their own organizations.

Our Specialties:

We are a leading provider of labels, receipt paper, tags and thermal transfer ribbons for the most basic to the most demanding applications. We offer an extensive portfolio of barcode, RFID, and card printing technologies that give assets, people and transactions a virtual voice– so events happening in a value chain can be seen in real time. We specialize in both paper and synthetic labels for use with direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. We also offer complete color pre-printing services for all custom products including art, design and production.