About Us

Who We Are is Why We’re Committed.

About UsSK&T was founded in 1997 by Kathy Lawson, SK&T’s CEO and President. As a woman-owned, small business enterprise, SK&T is favorably positioned to benefit from multiple programs offered by the federal, state and county agencies as well as major corporations. Though this has contributed to the overall success of SK&T, the driving reason for our record growth is our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and quality solutions.

Not only can SK&T meet the current demands of your business but we have structured our company growth in anticipation of fulfilling your future needs. Our strategic partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and other corporations contribute towards our high-quality, affordable solutions, while our diverse client base has provided us with extensive knowledge of the challenges facing businesses today.

We seek every opportunity to serve as a knowledgeable, valued partner, supplying our clients with impact-producing solutions and a high return on investment. SK&T is not just a box pusher, and we have set ourselves apart in our commitment to support everything we sell. We want our customers satisfied with the products and services they receive from SK&T.